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[tab title=”Why Dropzone Thailand?”]


Dropzone Thailand is the premier destination for skydiving in South East Asia.

Our goal is to deliver the highest standards with the most amazing view you′ll ever find from skydiving in Thailand. 

Locate in Kleang, Rayong Province with space more than 320,000sq.m

With the location that most convenience just a short drive from Utapao International Airport, Pattaya and Bangkok.

We offer a skydive service with the highest standard provided by our professional staff to ensure your first skydive will be the best experience of your life or what we called the thrill of a lifetime.

At Skydive Thailand up to 13,000ft, you can touch the coast of Rayong beach with the reach of your hand. We′re confident that you will have perfect scenery that will last in your memory forever after your visit.

We are welcome and looking to see all both first time skydive and experienced jumpers from across the world to jump with us.

[tab title=”Aircraft and Facilities”]

Dropzone Thailand has built a top notch skydive facility. You will ever see in Thailand for all level skydivers. We′re operating with brand new Kodiak aircraft customized with special design for skydiving for the safest and best experience for our customers. We′re proudly to say that Dropzone Thailand is truly operating with the largest civilian skydive aircraft in Thailand.
With the newest technology and super performance we are confident that you will have the best time!

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Out facilities include:
    • More than 40,000 sq.m. of high quality grass to ensure your smooth landing
    • More than 320,000 sq.m. of dropzone area.
    • More than 1,000,000 sq.m of natural plain field area
    • USPA Professional skydive instructor and coach
    • Newest Quest Kodiak 210 Aircraft
    • DZT Skydiving Academy (Coming soon)
    • Training area
    • Indoor Packing area
    • Meeting room
    • Skydiver room
    • DZT Sky bar
    • Gear Store and Rigging room

[tab title=”Safety Standard”]

Dropzone Thailand is full with professional skydive instructor and coach who′s expertise in what they do and allow us to respond to your needs, whatever your level is. Either you want to experience your first jump, or going beyond by getting trained by some of the best skydivers in the world. We assure you that we will meet your needs.

Here at Dropzone Thailand, we have:


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Management team who are passionate in sport and has long experience in skydiving business.


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Qualify skydiving staff what meet world class standard (USPA)


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Safe and clean facility for all equipment and customer




Our tandem equipment is all brand new Sigma, which is the best and safest in the industry. The manufacturer, United Parachute Technologies (UPT), is the ultimate in tandem equipment, and has manufactured parachutes for over 30 years.

All our parachutes are equipped with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) and a Skyhook and are rigorously inspected to the standards of USPA

Dropzone Thailand is licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand(CAAT) and a United States Parachute Association (USPA) Group Member. We adhere to all Federal Aviation Regulations and all USPA Basic Safety Requirements and complying with the latest safety regulations and standards.

[tab title=”Our Team”]

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Our teams are all passionate skydive related people.

Whom expertise in their specific field. All our expert skydiving instructors understand the important part and duty they take responsibility for everyday and we all make sure that we can give you the best experience of your life as possible.

Every member in our team is USPA approved and qualified in their own part and duty. Under supervision of our S&TA (Safety and training advisor).

The United States Parachute Association has always provided advice and guidance to help us maintain and improve the service standard and safety to the highest.

[tab title=”Surrounding Area”]

Rayong province has both industrial areas and seaside areas. At Klaeng district, where our dropzone has located, it is full of important landmarks and attraction places both historical and natural places such as Mae pim beach, etc.

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All places are still waiting for you to explore the true beauty of Thailand. And from the sky above our dropzone, we make sure you will see the most stunning nature bird′s-eye view when you jump with us!

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