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 First jump

First jump

  • Economy 12,800 Baht
  • Basic Tandem Skydive
    without video

First jump

  • VIP Package 16,200 Baht
  • Selfie Tandem Skydive
    Your skydive jump including the part under canopy captured by a camera on your instructor’s wrist.

First jump

  • Supreme Package 19,200 Baht
  • Camera man Tandem Skydive
    Your skydive jump captured by an outside cameraman and selfie camera under the canopy.
    You will receive a 5-minutes video showing all stages of your jump, filmed and/or photographed.

Licensed jumper

  • Licensed jumper
    BLOCK JUMP TICKET(x10) 10,500 Bah
    BLOCK JUMP TICKET(x50) 50,000 Baht
    H/P 700 Baht
    Registration Fee2,500 Baht

Skydiving Course

  • Skydiving Course
  • Coming soon


  • Academy
  • Coming soon