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Fun Jump for Licensed jumper




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[tab title=”SKYDIVER Requirement”]

-Must be current and hold an “A” license or higher.
“A” License: Must have made a jump within 60 days
“B” License: Must have made a jump within 90 days
“C and D” Licenses: Must have made a jump within 6 months

-Must have a current USPA membership.

-Must bring your logbooks, ratings, and proof of USPA membership.
(If you do not have a license you will have to be cleared by our staff Instructor or examiner)


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[tab title=”GEAR Requirement”]

1. The Repack Cycle requirement is 180 days.

2. FAA TSO′d freefly friendly gear with AAD, and repacked within the last 180
days mandatory

3. Minimum one visual and one audible altimeter and a hook knife is mandatory

4. Both main and reserve canopies may loaded up too 0.98 for Students
   o 1.1 for license holder between 25 to 50 jumps experience on ram air canopies
   o 1.2 for license holder between 50 to 100 jumps experience on ram air canopies
   o 1.3 for license holder between 100 to 200 jumps experience on ram air canopies
   o 1.4 for license holder between 200 to 600 jumps experience on ram air canopies
   o 1.5 with 600+ jumps
   o 1.6 with 700+ jump, etc.
   o 1.7 Minimum 50 jumps for snag proved GoPro helmet cameras
   (DZ-Thailand camera briefing and written waiver mandatory)

5. Minimum 200 jumps for non-GoPro helmet cameras
(Snag proved or cutaway setup mandatory)

6. No non-mounted cameras, eg phones, selfie-sticks, ect.

7. Pre-boarding GEAR-CHECK by Jumpmaster OR Instructor in duty is mandatory

8. Minimum main canopy deployment altitude 3000 feet

9. No spiralling under the canopy below 1500 feet / The lower canopy got right of way

10. No low or hook turns
(swooping only with written approval by the S&TA or Instructor in duty)

11. Anyone we suspect is under the influence of alcohol or drugs are prohibited to jump

12. Non-swimmer, solo students and USPA A license holder are required to carry a life jacket on each jump above the jump suit.



NOTE: DZ-THAILAND strongly recommends all skydivers jumping with us to carry a life vest in case of an emergency water landing. We will lend you a life vest for your jump and you will be briefed on its use and our Water Landing Procedure.

[tab title=”PRICE”]

-H/P 700 THB
-Registration Fee2,500 THB

**Upon arrival before the first jump at our DZ, you will be brief with our dropzone information and requirement. There are certain points of our rules & regulation you would need to follow and go through our process before you are officially our Dropzone Thailand membership.
Our registration fee is cost 2,500THB per person for a life-time membership**

[tab title=”SKYDIVE COURSE”]

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[tab title=”SKYDIVE ACADEMY”]

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